What is a Glueless Full Lace Wig ?

What is a glueless full lace wig ? In short, they are wigs that have been hand-knotted all over and can be secured to your head without the use of tape or glue.

The fact is that many women prefer the convenience of glueless full lace wigs. Some women are not looking for long-time wear, those who wear wigs for beauty and fashion purposes, for example, so they will appreciate being able to easily take off their wigs before going to sleep each night. No tape or glue, therefore, makes applying and removing a wig a very quick and convenient choice. Then, there are some who are simply allergic to adhesives and consequently need an alternative way to secure their wigs. Now, you are free to attach these hair systems to your head with glue or tape if that is what you prefer but it is by no means necessary. Glueless wigs still mean you are able to carry out your everyday activities as normal without any fear of your wig falling off which leads us to the next question...

How does the wig stay attached to my head? If you take a closer look at the base design you will see that there are adjustable straps on the back to enable a snug and secure fit on your head. In addition to those, there are small combs on other parts of the base that let you clip your own hair to the hair system. Base designs may vary, the positioning of the combs may differ, for example, or you will find some bases with a stretch mesh or silk mono around the crown area. However, whatever the design, all will sit securely on your head while at the same time guaranteeing you a natural front hairline with hair that can be parted anywhere you like.

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