What You Need To Know About HD Lace Closure And Frontal Wigs

The number of people wearing wigs is increasing. They are used to suit events, festivals, or as everyday wear. Wigs are a perfect way to always have a great hair day. Well, there is a wide variety of wigs available today. Some are from the human hair category while others are synthetic.

Wigs are an excellent solution in hiding thinning, patching hair that maybe as a result of genetics, ailments, or the use of medications. More so if you dislike the constant stress and pressure of styling your natural hair then wigs are the way to go.

 Today you won’t be shocked to hear about HD lace wigs. Well, we are not in Silicon Valley trying some computer wizardry. We are still in the hair world. Therefore if you have come across terms such as HD lace closure or HD lace frontal, below is what you need to know about them. First, let’s understand:

What are HD lace wigs?

The term ‘high definition’ lace wigs have been in use for some time. Prior it was commonly referred to as Swiss lace. Lace wigs came about as many people desired the natural look even while wearing wigs. These wigs are versatile, soft, and easily blend in with the skin. So if you are thinking of a high definition lace wig simply envision the ultra-thin lace that easily matches with the color of your skin undetectable.

 HD lace closures are those with Swiss lace with a parting patch style that is usually 4 by 4 inches apart. You will get them styled in three parts, the free part or the middle part. These types of wigs are easy to wear and remove. You can even do different lace closure wigs in a day.

HD lace frontals usually follow your natural hairline at the front from your right temple to the left. It is usually 13 inches apart with 4 inches back. This offers the wearer different styles in parting hence it is highly versatile.

People are so much in love with these types of lace wigs because they are:

  • Smooth, natural, and undetected: The material is thin enough to melt into your skin. You don’t have to worry about any discomfort as if you are wearing anything above your scalp. So you are confident to go about your business with no fear even during high temperatures. For the majority, it is hard to tell where the natural skin begins when they have the high-definition lace wig on.
  • You have the opportunity to try different styles: You can generate different styles with your wigs. HD lace frontal wigs give you the illusion of a natural hairline from ear to ear. Therefore you can rock various hairstyles suitable for different looks. You can have the gala celebrity look to the girl next door ponytails while still maintaining the flawless natural hairline.

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